Offizielles Bundesliga Tippspiel | Rules

Participation is possible at any time. Every entrant starts on zero points, even if matches have already been played.

Predictions can be saved or changed up to five minutes before kick-off, after which it is no longer possible to submit a prediction. Note: this is the kick-off time as stipulated by the Bundesliga Predictor schedule.

Entrants will score points as follows:

  • 4 points for every correct prediction
  • 3 points for the correct goal difference (winner must be correct)
  • 2 point for the correct winner


Result: 2:1

  • 2:1: 4 points (correct prediction)
  • 3:2: 3 points (correct goal difference; correct winner)
  • 2:0: 2 points (correct winner)
  • 2:2: 0 points
  • 1:2: 0 points

Result: 1:1

  • 1:1 4 4 points (correct prediction)
  • 2:2 2 points (correct goal difference; correct winner)
  • 1:0: 0 points

Prizes will only be awarded to individual players, as determined by the player rankings.

Additional predictions

Additional predictions will be processed at the end of the season.

Each additional prediction that is correct is worth 4 points. Additional predictions with two answers are worth 2 points per correct answer. Should several answers be right, every user having made the correct forecast will be awarded points.

The evaluation of the fairest team of the season is based on the official DFB Fairplay table.

Rules for predictions groups

Every participant can set up a predictions group. A password can be assigned to a predictions group so that only those with the password can join. If one wants to make the predictions group accessible to the public, the password will be removed.

At least three participants are needed to form a Predictor league so that the group appears in the rankings. The Predictor league enables the rankings of all participants to be seen at a glance. Only the points of the participants who were already members on the respective Matchday (not the calendar day) are taken into account.

For every fifth group member, the worst result on each Matchday will not be counted. An average will then be calculated and the Matchday score added to the total score.

Technical realisation: Neopoly GmbH

Top 10 - Players
# Name Points
1. Inigo 377
2. pirlo 369
3. Meikel 359
3. Füxxe 359
5. Ebsestangkomax 358
6. Love40 355
7. Ducke 353
8. Salou 352
8. Tonza Utd 352
10. Mindelman 351
Full rankings
Top 10 - Predictor leagues
# Name Points
1. Edinger Bolzer 345
2. TippHelden 340
3. Poli_FCA 339
4. Könige|der|Liga 337
5. ulmer spatzen 335
7. FussballStammtisch!! 334
8. Mega Cosmos 333
9. OBI514 332
10. B O L Z E R 331
Full rankings